Deaconess Foundation's grantee communications toolkit serves as a resource to guide communications relating to the grantee-foundation partnership and is available here. 

Helpful Population Data:

2016 Missouri KIDS COUNT Data Book

Vision for Children at Risk’s 2017-18 Children of Metropolitan St. Louis Report

Copies of the report may be purchased online of via mail for $25 each plus $5 shipping and handling. Online data searches and customizable reports can also be accessed here.

The Children’s Defense Fund’s The State of America’s Children® 2017 Report

2017 Funding Opportunities Informational Sessions

In April 2017, Deaconess Foundation hosted public meetings to introduce our new Just for Kids funding strategy and grant opportunities. Please view our Theory of Change and presentation slides to learn about the history and vision of the Foundation, our commitment to racial equity, Just for Kids Theory of Change, and new grant, mission-related investment, and partnership opportunities. Watch the video of the final session below!

Resources Informing the Just for Kids Theory of Change

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