Policy Campaign / Collaborative Grants

Deaconess Foundation recognizes that significant gaps in civic infrastructure, resources and power inhibit the health and well-being of children and families in the St. Louis region. Our Just for Kids strategy is designed to address these gaps by strengthening the region, system, and community’s capability to achieve positive outcomes through collaborative engagement and investment with diverse partners.  We believe that sound, persuasive evidence and amplified, well-organized voices can shape effective policy by integrating research, practice and policy.

Policy Campaign / Collaborative Grants will work to leverage the impact of our funding strategies by supporting community campaigns, testing and incubating new policy ideas, generating evidence, and supporting interdisciplinary or cross-cutting work that informs and animates the public witness of the Foundation on behalf of children.

  • Grants will support the development of rigorous research and analyses, policy briefs, convenings and community campaigns that strengthen the field and related disciplines by improving practices, methods and standards, stimulating the demand for evidence and analyses, and generating innovative approaches to solving policy challenges.
  • Efforts will advance coordinated local or state public policy issue advocacy campaigns focused on child well-being to drive meaningful, systemic change.
  • Grants could also support special opportunistic or innovative initiatives that are well-positioned to advance policy change. (e.g. support for ballot initiatives, service as fiscal agent, etc.)


We expect efforts supported through Policy Campaign/Collaborative Grants to advance and translate policy work in ways that enhance its value to policymakers, the media, and the general public, pursuing the result of policy shifts aligned with Deaconess Foundation’s policy priorities:

Early Childhood Education Justice and Equity
for Youth
Family Economic Mobility Comprehensive Health Care
All children of the St. Louis region should enjoy full access to quality child care and education from birth to pre-kindergarten. All children of the St. Louis region should receive  just treatment under the law. All families of the St. Louis region should achieve economic stability within one generation. All children of the St. Louis region should have universal access to comprehensive mental, physical and dental care.