Mission-Related Investments

Deaconess Foundation recognizes that significant gaps in civic infrastructure, resources and power inhibit the health and well-being of children and families in the St. Louis region. Expanding community capital through mission-related investments is just one of Deaconess’ strategies to strengthen the region, system, and community’s capability to achieve positive outcomes through collaborative engagement and investment with diverse partners.

Deaconess seeks to explore use of the best tools to partner with nonprofit and for-profit groups to facilitate organizations maximizing their impact consistent with the Foundation’s funding strategies, return expectations and risk parameters. Our investment policy establishes a goal of spending 5 percent of a 28-quarter rolling average of the market value of our endowment, yielding up to $1 million in community investment annually.

Mission-Related Investments will support the efforts of community development financial institutions (CDFIs), credit unions, nonprofit financial intermediaries, nonprofit organizations, and social enterprises with:

  • organizational strength and readiness for borrowing,
  • a track record of lending or investment,
  • a clear business model for repayment of the investment, and
  • proposed use of capital in alignment with Deaconess policy priorities to advance well-being for metropolitan St. Louis children and families. 

We anticipate that investment opportunities could also complement efforts supported by Deaconess grant opportunities – for example, a market-rate deposit and secondary capital awarded to a credit union to increase its capacity to lend could be paired with a responsive grant to advance a policy to build the capacity of community development credit unions to meet the credit needs of their low-income members.


Similar to our expectations for other funding opportunities, we expect efforts supported through Mission-Related Investments to align with and advance Deaconess Foundation’s policy priorities:

Early Childhood Education Justice and Equity
for Youth
Family Economic Mobility Comprehensive Health Care
All children of the St. Louis region should enjoy full access to quality child care and education from birth to pre-kindergarten. All children of the St. Louis region should receive  just treatment under the law. All families of the St. Louis region should achieve economic stability within one generation. All children of the St. Louis region should have universal access to comprehensive mental, physical and dental care.