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Mike Brown Means...Fight for Our Kids
August 6, 2015

By The Reverend Starsky D. Wilson


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Principles of Deaconess Work: Need and Call
May 9, 2014

By the Rev. Starsky D. Wilson
president & CEO – Deaconess Foundation

After twenty years in leadership as the pastor and superintendent of the Evangelical Deaconess Home and Hospital, the Reverend Frederich Jens...

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Back to the Future: A New Children’s Crusade
April 10, 2014

By the Rev. Starsky D. Wilson,
president & CEO – Deaconess Foundation

This week, we recall the nation’s last great era of social change with the grand re-opening of the...

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Becoming a Mothering Metropolis
May 9, 2013

Originally published in the St. Louis American and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

On Mother’s Day, we celebrate the hand of God at work in our lives through the nurturing presence of a parent. As one of the 40 percent of Americans...

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