February 2018

Child Advocacy Day April 3rd in Jefferson City
February 7, 2018

Please Join Us! We are called to protect and advocate for the most vulnerable population among us, and the urgency of that call is particularly felt in these challenging times. Join a community of parents, children, and...

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September 2017

Grant Opportunity: $100,000 for Public Policy Campaign
September 28, 2017

On Friday, September 15, 2017, Deaconess announced that it will invest $100,000 in a public policy campaign which pursues change through grassroots advocacy, civic engagement and community organizing focused on at least one of the Ferguson...

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Just For Kids: Forward Through Ferguson Policy Campaign Grant Opportunity
September 15, 2017

By Rev. Starsky D. Wilson

On September 14, 2015, the Ferguson Commission released Forward...

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July 2017

Is racial equity just another shiny object?
July 27, 2017

Soon my baby girl will be two years old. I’m almost over being upset with her about the disorder of her...

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