About Deaconess

Our Mission

In the spirit of our faith heritage, the mission of Deaconess Foundation is the improved health
of the Metropolitan St. Louis community and its people.


Deaconess Foundation envisions a community that values the health and well-being
of all children and gives priority attention to the most vulnerable.


         Strengthen the region's capability to achieve positive outcomes for children and youth through collaborative engagement and investment with diverse partners to improve systems and sustain actions that have long-term impact on the health and well-being of children.

Our Values

  • Justice
    • We believe a just society is essential for the full achievement of individual and community health.
  • Hope
    • We believe that positive health changes can occur through cooperative, intentional and well-planned efforts.
  • Service
    • We believe the opportunity to serve is a gift with which we have been blessed, and all our interactions should embody that spirit.
  • Identity
    • We believe our tradition and history as a ministry of the United Church of Christ should inform and help shape our work.
  • Faithfulness
    • We believe our decisions and actions should reflect a faith commitment based on God's living presence in the world, continuing revelation, and call to servanthood.